EMC “Transform Backup” Infographic
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EMC “Transform Backup” Infographic

An infographic to position backup as a driver of business progress.

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    Content, Design, Layout

Infographics are getting extremely popular as a way to condense lots of info into something more easily “digestible” for the reader. But infographics can easily become a “nicely designed list of facts” that don’t really get to the core message.

For this EMC infographic, we wanted to avoid creating a list of facts on the problems of existing backup technologies. Instead, the approach was to “change the game”, where backup would be positioned as a driver of business progress.

First, we acknowledged the fact that backup remains high on any CIO’s list of priorities.

Then, we wanted to show that backup was not just part of the IT plumbing, but had a real role to play in the velocity of the business, and relegating backup to the basement would not be able to support the many IT initiatives that enterprises were embarking on, such as mobility and cloud projects.

Finally, our infographic showed that, with the right backup, the business could flourish (hence the “tree” visual), with the various benefits listed as part of the branches of the tree.

This infographic is now being used by the EMC Asia Pacific teams, and has also appeared in PC World, TechRepublic, ComputerWorld and  TechWorld.